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Political, contextual and knowledge dimensions of teacher education: a perspective in the light of Bakhtinian thought




Bakhtin Circle, teacher education, dialogical-responsible education


Based on Bakhtinian thought, we developed dimensions of a perspective of counter-hegemonic training of Science teachers. This training perspective, that we call “dialogical-responsible teacher education”, consists of seven dimensions – praxical, ethics, aesthetics, politics, contextual, knowledge and investigative, three of which will be developed in this paper. The development of these dimensions was build up from the collating of Bakhtinian Circle texts with texts from the literature on teacher education, establishing tensions, contrasts, showing insufficiencies and proposing advances in relation to the hegemonic training model, guided by technical rationality. In this process, formative dimensions emerged that, distanced from a prescriptive profile, are constituted as principles that allow rethinking, transforming, giving directions, structuring formations that break with the hegemonic perspective. We argue that our dimensions make it possible to resignify teacher education with regard to the broad understanding of reality, criticality, teaching autonomy, organicity of training processes and dialogicity in the construction of knowledge.


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2021-06-14 — Updated on 2021-10-14



Human Sciences