System Upgrades

Open Preprint Systems (OPS), on which the SciELO Preprints server is operated, receives frequent updates from the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) team as well as plugins developed by services external to PKP, including some contracted by SciELO to meet specific interface and functionality needs.

System and plugin upgrades follow this flow:  

  1. Every upgrade is widely communicated. Regular non-urgent upgrades are informed with at least three days in advance in the SciELO Preprints home page. For urgent upgrades, communication is made at least 12 hours in advance. During the upgrade period, users are duly informed of system interruption by maintenance;
  2. A complete copy of the system and database is made prior to the update;
  3. The data structure is copied to a test environment. The equality of the files is checked;
  4. The upgrade is done in a test environment and tests are done to ensure integrity. The tests consist of a sequence of operations that must be performed and recorded (insertion, deletion and updating of records, among other functions essential to the operation of the platform). Each test is registered with date, time and person in charge;
  5. If the new version is approved, it starts operating on the production server and available to users in general.

The current version of the system is informed on this page.

Upgrade History

2022.10.06 - OPS version
- OPS version
- OPS version
- OPS version
- OPS version 3.2.1
- OPS version Beta
- OPS version Beta
(Launch) - OPS version 3.2.0 Beta