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Advancing Inclusive Biodiversity Research: Strategies for Equitable Practices and Collective Impact




biodiversity, inclusivity, inclusion, representation, parachute science, conservation, diversity, traditional knowledge, equity, collaboration, global south


Biodiversity research is vital to understand the complexity and global scale of the biodiversity crisis, necessitating diverse participation and perspectives through collaborative efforts. However, the current state of biodiversity research highlights significant issues concerning inclusivity, representation, and equitable collaboration. Local expertise from biodiversity-rich countries and regions is often underrepresented, with Western institutions dominating the field. This imbalance hinders effective conservation initiatives and limits opportunities for local scientists to contribute to biodiversity knowledge. Addressing these challenges requires a collective effort, acknowledging the complexity and interplay of factors, such as linguistic bias and capacity constraints, across different levels of the research landscape. In this paper, we present a comprehensive set of strategies aimed at promoting and enhancing inclusivity in the biodiversity research community. These strategies encompass researchers, publishers, institutions, and funding bodies, and are designed to embrace diversity, dismantle barriers, and foster effective collaboration. We aim to advocate change by creating a research landscape that values and integrates diverse perspectives, empowers researchers from underrepresented regions, and bridges critical knowledge gaps hindering comprehensive biodiversity research. Together, these collective efforts can drive a paradigm shift fostering a more inclusive and impactful approach to biodiversity research that ensures equitable representation and maximizes the potential of our diverse and collective knowledge for conserving biodiversity and ecosystems.


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Valdez, J., Damasceno, G., Oh, R. R., Uribe, L. C. Q., Barbosa, M. P. B., Amado, T. F., Schmidt, C., Fernandez, M., & Sharma, S. (2023). Advancing Inclusive Biodiversity Research: Strategies for Equitable Practices and Collective Impact. In SciELO Preprints.


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