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Stanislavski: A dialogue between theater and pedagogy




Education, Stanislavksi's System, Education and Theater


The following article aims to discuss some of the pedagogical categories found in Constantin Stanislavski's System and to analyze them in relation to the concepts of formal and non-formal education. For this, it points out how these categories are located within the works of the Russian author and what objectives these categories aspire to achieve. In order to understand how these relationships occur, the writings of Gohn (2006) and Gadotti (2005) were used to discuss the characteristics of each of the conceptions of education, defining their educational objectives for each of the conceptions. In order to discuss about the author's intentions with his System, it was relied on the theoretical basis of Benedetti (2005) and to complement the questions related to the author's social and historical context, it was used the works of Freitas (2009), Favoreto (2008) and Serge (1993). Finally, it is pointed out that Stanislavski's work is permeated by pedagogical categories, which aim to develop the student-actor's interpretation and presentation skill, being able to bring contributions to reflect on the teaching and learning process from the perspective of integration between formal and non-formal education.


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Author Biographies

Jacqueline Ellen de Souza, State University of West Paraná

Master in Education by the Programme of Post-Graduation in Education of the Western Paran´á State University (UNIOESTE). Graduated in Faculty of Arts by Western Paran´á State University (UNIOESTE). Cascavel, Paraná (PR), Brazil. 

Aparecida Favoreto, State University of West Paraná

Associated Professor in the Western Paraná State University (UNIOESTE). Professor and Researcher at Master and Doctorate in Education and at collegiate of Pedagogy at Unioeste - Cascavel, Pr, Brazil. Member and Leader of the Research Group História e Historiografia na Educação (UNIOESTE/CNPq). PHD in Education by Paraná Federal University (UFPR). Master in Education by Maringá State University (UEM). Graduated in History by Maringá State University (UEM). ORCID: 0000-0003-3883-5604. Curriculum Lattes: E-mail:



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