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The roadmap of an open university to become an open knowledge hub. The case of the UOC




Open Knowledge, Open Science, Institutional Transformation, Sustainable Development, Social Impact


In November 2021, UNESCO approved the Recommendation on Open Science, the application of which makes it unavoidable to incorporate "open culture" into any international, national, regional or institutional policy related to information or research. All this, under the explicit recognition of open science as a requirement to leave no one behind in terms of access to academic knowledge and the benefits of scientific progress. It is this same conviction that led the UOC to draw up its own Open Knowledge Action Plan in 2018. The Plan, with a time horizon until 2030, is the UOC's road map and institutional commitment to become an open and global knowledge node, and thus contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda of The United Nations.

In the fifth year of implementation, and even after eight more years, in this article, the people who have been in charge of promoting the plan share the preliminary results of the process and reflect on how its implementation helps to the university to be a node of global knowledge, with greater social impact. All this, from the singularity of being a plan adopted by and for a totally online university.


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Jubany, G. X. i, Caballero, B. A., Llueca, C., & Martínez-Samper, P. (2023). The roadmap of an open university to become an open knowledge hub. The case of the UOC. In SciELO Preprints.


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