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higher education, student welfare, cartography, health promotion


The purpose of this article is to reflect on the challenges faced by low-income students in their permanence in Brazilian Public Higher Education. Therefore, a methodological path based on Cartography is traced, in which it values the articulation of investigation and intervention towards the construction of a dialogue seeking to understand the reality of low-income students supported by Student Assistance policies. The device used for data collection was the conversation wheel. Eight students living at the Student’s Accommodation of a Brazilian Public University and two researchers, servants of the institution, took part in the research. Data showed that Student Assistance Programs are important to favor the permanence of students, but that other aspects highlighted by the participants transcend socioeconomic vulnerability and point to issues related to the feeling of belonging to the academic environment, mental health, relationships established with the institution, teachers, servers and peers, teaching practices, commute. These aspects highlight the need for a democratization of higher education that, in addition to promoting access to studies, offers conditions of permanence and fosters human development.


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Author Biographies

Eduardo Lemgruber do Valle Clem, University of Brasília

Holds a degree in Social Communication - Cinema from the Fluminense Federal University, a degree in Psychology from the Fluminense Federal University and a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Culture from the University of Brasília. He is currently a psychologist: social area at the University of Brasília.

Maria Inês Gandolfo Conceição, University of Brasília

Graduated in Psychology from the Centro de Ensino Unificado de Brasília, specialist in Hospital Psychology, supervising teaching psychodramatist, Master in Psychology from the University of Brasília, PhD in Psychology from the University of Brasília, Full Professor at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Brasília and works in the courses undergraduate and graduate. She is the Director of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Brasília.



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