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Identities and Intercultural Education




identity, interculturality, axial era, education


The present article, addressing the theme “Identities and Intercultural Education”, begins with a reflection on the school's current role in the portuguese context, proceeding with a defense of rigorous scientific knowledge in education, which covers several aspects of subjectivity, not letting us, however, giving up the rigor in the information obtained through investigation. In a subsequent phase, a view will be given to some of the most significant problems of contemporary reality, associated with issues of identity and interculturality, and their respective impact on educational processes. In a third phase, the Axial Era will be recognized as a particular moment in the history of our species, from which the description of the most striking characteristics of human nature, particularly those that unite us, emerged, also opening a space to illustrate the ones that separate us. For the last, there will be identified, in the geography of the human planet, traces and frameworks of groups of people who live in their social contexts, with associated norms and values, also being referred issues concerning migratory movements, considering their implications for educational systems.
Keywords: identity, interculturality, axial era, education.


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