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Validation of the neurocognitive battery PreAcademica in Cuban preschoolers




cognitive, evaluation, neurodevelopment, neuropsychology, preschool


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the PreAcademic Battery, revised version (B-PREA-R) for Cuban preschool children. The battery was administered to 300 children between four and six years of age in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Item analysis showed that, out of 199 items, 61 items were of high quality, 132 items of good quality and 6 items of regulate quality. Cronbach's alpha showed adequate values, α= .85. Factor analysis revealed three factors. Factor 1, "Executive Skills," comprised of the subtests visual selective attention, matrices, story comprehension, graphomotor skills, and quantity counting. Factor 2, "Memory Skills", which groups the visual working memory subtest. Factor 3, "Linguistic Skills", made up of the vocabulary, verbal working memory and repeating syllables subtests. The selection of quartiles for the three age groups (4, 5 and 6 years) allows us to make a judgment about the development of executive, linguistic and memory skills of preschool children. The B-PREA-R is a quick and easy test to apply in the educational context and presents adequate psychometric properties to evaluate the neurocognitive development in the preschool stage, to discover the child's potentialities and weaknesses and to guide his or her preparation to start basic schooling.


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Benítez, Y. R., Lohndorf, R. T., Jiménez-Morales, R. M., Ruiz, F. B., & Monteagudo, B. B. (2022). Validation of the neurocognitive battery PreAcademica in Cuban preschoolers. In SciELO Preprints.


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