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Pedagogy of the community gift




Philosophy of education, ethics, education, moral, community


The purpose of this research is to present a pedagogy based on the philosophical anthropology of the gift. Understanding the gift as a reciprocal and beneficial action to preserve social harmony. That is to say, a space where the value of the word prevails, which is the honor of each individual, and which is also based on mutual respect for the actions of both parties: someone has to initiate the gift (a tangible or intangible fact) only later to be the receiver; just as a person is also obliged to return what was given to him. This pedagogy is nothing more than the honor of the word made in itself a consequent action; hence its community component. The theoretical support of the gift in question is more of a cultural root than a biological one; therefore, a referential framework of culture is presented. It is concluded that the community gift has an ethical dimension; therefore, the construction of good habits is the product of moralistic and spiritual reciprocity rather than a properly established legal coercion.


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