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Didactic games in the teaching of Botany: Enraizando and Batalha Algal




Algae, teaching strategies, plant physiology, board games


Botany is neglected in Biology teaching for elementary and high school. Based on this context, the Botanical Games Teaching Project, of the Laboratório de Sistemática e Evolução de Plantas da Universidade Federal de Pelotas, was created to approach the teaching of Botany in a fun way, seeking to make matters related to the plant kingdom more interesting and closer to the community. In this sense, didactic games were developed in order to present the subjects in a simple and attractive way for students. The game Enraizando was inspired by a dynamic chessboard, making the teaching of plant physiology more interesting for students. The game Batalha Algal was inspired by the game naval battle, streamlining the contents related to algae. This study presents didactic proposals in the teaching of Botany, in order to help teachers in a more effective and playful didactic transposition.


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Oliveira Neto, F. F. de, Jorge, T. S., Garcia, C. S., Dalzotto, D. P., Costa, J. L., Medina, T. G. de M., & Iganci, J. (2022). Didactic games in the teaching of Botany: Enraizando and Batalha Algal. In SciELO Preprints.


Biological Sciences