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The School Library in Brazil and Colombia: comparative study analysis




School library, Comparative studies, Brazil, Colombia


The work is the result of a survey carried out between 2015 and 2019, with the aim of comparatively analyzing the issue of the school library in Brazil and Colombia, based on the study of theoretical productions in both countries. Based on concerns from the professional experience in the social space of the library, we investigate the similarities between the production of theses and dissertations that concern the school library in Brazil and Colombia, thus weaving access routes to the exchange of theoretical constructions, advances in laws, policies and practices that are taking place in these countries. We structured the methodology based on hermeneutics combined with a comparative approach, having as a research source the digital repositories. The hypothesis is that school libraries can promote new meanings when educating, to broaden perception, as well as the discussion of themes that lead to mutual knowledge of the respective school library systems, which are articulated in digital spaces, promoting the construction of channels training to carry out further research. The results suggest that there are few discussions that address the issues of the school library in interdisciplinary approaches, or that they are treated only by punctual relationships, due to the absence of analysis criteria, that is, the critical dimension is replaced by a binary preference of an announced subjectivity by government decrees. Still, the panorama found disregards aspects of praxis in the digital context, characterizing itself as a possible gap in the comparative literature in the area.


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