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Factors associated with lifestyle deterioration during the COVID-19 among Brazilian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transvestite, and related identities: cross-sectional study




Sexual and Gender Minorities, COVID-19, Sedentary Behavior, Tobacco Use Disorder, Alcohol Drinking, Cross-sectional studies


Objective: To verify factors associated with declining lifestyle during the pandemic, including physical activity, cigarette, and alcohol intake in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transvestite, and related identities (LGBT+). Methods: Crosssectional study conducted in Brazil in August-November, 2020, with individuals aged ≥18 years. Logistic Regressions was used to estimate odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals. Results: Of the 975 participants, 48.9% (CI95% 45.7;52.1) decreased the practice of physical activity, 6.2% (CI95% 4.8;7.9) increased the cigarettes intake, and 17.3% (CI95% 15.0;19.8) increased alcohol intake. There was a worsening in physical activity among individuals who adhere to masks (OR=2.26 – CI95% 1.20;4.23), worsening in cigarette intake among individuals with one chronic condition (OR=2.39 –CI95% 1.03;5.56), and in alcohol intake among cisgender women (OR=1.95 – CI95% 1.31;2.92) and individuals living with a partner (OR=1.89 – CI95% 1.23;2.91). Conclusion: The worsening was highlighted in cisgender women, individuals with one chronic condition and who adhered to masks.


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