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heRcules: A repository for annotated R scripts in Portuguese for scientific data analysis




R, Data analysis, Sample size, Plots, GitHub, Hypothesis tests


Data analysis is a fundamental step in the development of scientific projects. Before starting a project, the researcher needs to plan their experiments and analyzes clearly, ensuring a robust approach, protected from the most elementary biases. This document reports the creation of the “heRcules” repository, which will provide public access to script models in R language for the analysis of scientific data, with an emphasis on disciplines of the Biological and Health Sciences. The model presented here provides scripts for essential tasks in planning, analysis, visualization, and hypothesis testing procedures, including sample size calculation, statistical power calculation, spreadsheet import, vector and data frame creation, descriptive statistics, file export, plot creation (base R and ggplot2), outlier tests, normality tests, hypothesis tests and notebook creation with R markdown. The “heRcules” repository is deposited on GitHub, which will ensure efficient, free, and collaborative access to these resources.


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