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Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS-Brazil): Psychometric properties, differences as a function of sociodemographic variables and normative standards




psychological assessment, professional development, test interpretation, vocational guidance, psychometry


This article aimed to propose normative standards for the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS-Brazil) considering differences in terms of sociodemographic variables: gender, marital status, age group, education level, and income range. The sample consisted of 2999 individuals, ages ranging from 14 to 77 years, mostly female (63%) and representatives from 21 Brazilian states. The psychometric properties of CAAS-Brazil were investigated using Item Response Theory and Omega coefficient. The results showed invariance for the CAAS-Brazil and greater differences in means in the variables of age, education, and income. From this, normative standards for the general sample were presented and divided considering the variables that showed differences. The normative standards presented in this article will enable career and career guidance professionals to interpret, based on standards, the career adaptability scores of their mentees, making the assessment more substantive.


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