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Multidimensional Academic Evaluation using the "U-Multirank"




Multidimensional Evaluation, Higher Education Evaluation, Academic rankings, U-Multirank, Education


Evaluation of Academic Institutions is of great interest in the world, always causing controversies. This subject is current in Brazil, because Capes studies new forms of evaluation for Brazilian Graduate Programs. The main idea is to use multidimensional models, to consider aspects that are important for academic institutions and the communities where they operate, but that are not captured by the current evaluation, which is very focused on results generated by cutting-edge research. In the absence of multidimensional assessment methods in Brazil, it is useful to analyze international experiences in this area, to improve the understanding of how they work. In this scenario, the international academic ranking “U-Multirank” stands out. It was created in Europe and has results available since 2014. The present paper will analyze the Dimensions and Indicators of this ranking and, based on Spanish Education Institutions, will show the correlations between Dimensions and Indicators in this country.


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