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Comparison with graphs of study plans in computer science from Peru




standard guidelines, innovation in computing education, graph theory, maximum common subgraph


Computer science education in Peru receives different names and different orientations according to the time and place of origin of the profession. Regardless of that, each proposal has curricula, areas of knowledge, skills and professional profiles that establish a varied offer adapted to the country's economic system.

The present study proposes a quantitative approach to identify similarities and differences between curricula of this educational offer. The project incorporates modeling in graphs to convert study plans and international guides into models that allow us to study them in this context. Once a plan or international reference is modeled as a graph, we can study the relationships and thus have a level of approximation between the models. In this way, we can have measures of closeness or distance with the referents or even between the study plans.


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Author Biography

Jorge L. Alvarado Revata, UNMSM

Bachellor degree on Information System and Computer Science.

Faculty of Information Systems and Computer Science.



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