Preprint / Version 1

Light, camera, action! A study on the impact of environmental factors caused by COVID-19 on the performance of Brazilian university students




COVID-19, University Performance, Environmental Factors, Online classes


The pandemic caused by COVID-19, also known as the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov2), combined with the quarantine period, determined that university students in Brazil adopt the modality of online or remote classes, which forced them to adapt new technologies and environmental conditions different from the classrooms at their universities. Specifically, these new environmental conditions can be uncomfortable and have an impact on students' academic performance. Thus, the present study aims to determine the impact that the levels of lighting, noise and temperature (independent variables) have on the academic performance (dependent variable) of university students during the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, a questionnaire was elaborated, applied virtually to 690 university students in the administration, accounting and economic sciences courses at Brazilian public universities and a structural equation model was built that integrates the four variables through three hypotheses, which were statistically validated by the method of partial least squares (PLS). The results indicate that temperature, lighting and noise have significant direct effects on the academic performance of university students. As a conclusion, it was found that the three independent variables have an impact on the sustainability of university students in the analyzed courses.




Applied Social Sciences