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Breastfeeding exclusive and the introduction of ultraprocessed foods in the first year of life: cohort study in southwest Bahia, Brazil, 2018




Breast Feeding, Infant Nutrition, Industrialized Foods, Longitudinal Studies


Objective: To analyze the association between exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) on the introduction of ultra-processed foods in children under 12 months. Methods: Cohort study conducted with children in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil. The main exposure was EBF (days: <120; 120-179; ≥180). The outcome variable was the introduction of four or more types of ultra-processed in the first year of life. Poisson regression analysis was used. Results: 286 children were evaluated, of which 40.2% received four or more ultra-processed and 48.9% EBF for less than 120 days. EBF for less than 120 days (RR=2.94 – 95%CI 1.51;5.71) and for 120-179 days (RR=2.17 – 95%CI 1.09;4.30) were associated outcome after adjustment by socioeconomic, maternal, paternal and child variables. Conclusion: EBF for less than 180 days increased the risk of introducing four or more ultra-processed in the first year of life.

Keywords: Breast Feeding; Infant Nutrition; Industrialized Foods; Longitudinal Studies.


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