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Magnitude and temporal trend of leprosy indicators in Goiás, Brazil: an ecological study in 2001-2017




Leprosy, Time Series Studies, Ecological Studies, Health Status Indicators


Objective. Analyze the trend of leprosy indicators in Goiás between 2001 and 2017. Methods. An ecological study of time series was carried out. Leprosy morbidity and operational indicators were calculated from data from the Notifiable Diseases Information System. Prais-Winsten regression was used for trend analysis. Results. There was a trend: decreasing detection rate in the general population (Annual Percentage Change [APC] = -6.8 – 95%CI  -8.2;-5.4) and in children under 15 years old (APC = -7.2 – 95%CI -8.5;-5.9); increasing proportion of disability grade 2 (APC = 3.7 – 95%CI 2.0;5.3) and proportion of physical disability examined (APC = 0.6 – 95%CI 0.3;0.8); the proportion of healing and contacts examined were stable. Conclusion. Detection rates decreased while the proportions of grade 2 physical disability and physical disability examined increased.


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