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Suicide trend in Brazilian adolescents between 1997-2016




Suicide, Adolescents, Time Series Studies, Public Health


Objective: to analyze the suicide mortality trend in Brazilian adolescents from 1997 to 2016. Method: ecological study of time series; Prais-Winsten regression was used. Results: 14,852 suicide deaths were recorded, with mortality rates per 100,000 inhabitants of 1.95 in 1997, 2.65 in 2016 and average of 2.14 in the period 1997-2016; deaths predominated in males (67.59%), due to intentional self-harm (84.19%) and occurring at home (52,69%); the Midwest region had the highest rate in the period (3.71 / 100,000 inhabitants), with emphasis on Mato Grosso do Sul (8.3 / 100,000 inhabitants); there was a tendency towards an increase by 1.35% per year in suicide in the general adolescent population (CI95%: 0.56; 2.15), 1.63% in males (CI95%: 0.56 ; 2.29), 3.11% in the North (CI95%: 2.25; 3.98) and 4.19% in the Northeast (CI95%: 2.58; 5.84). Conclusion: suicide mortality in Brazilian adolescents showed an upward trend in the period studied.


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