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Prevalence of overweight and obesity in community health agents in the southern region of Rio Grande do Sul, 2017




Primary Health Care, Nutritional Status, Family Health Strategy, Cross-sectional Studies, Health Personnel, Occupational Health


Objective. To analyze the prevalence of overweight and obesity among community health workers in southern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, according to sociodemographic, behavioral and health variables. Methods. Cross-sectional study. Data collection occurred in 21 municipalities, from March / 2016 to May / 2017, using an instrument with self-reported weight and height data. For statistical analysis, multinomial logistic regression was used. Results. Data from 564 community health agents were analyzed, 0.5% were classified as underweight, 29.8% as eutrophic, 39.2% were overweight and 30.5% were obese. They had a lower chance of obesity: those who worked in the rural health unit (OR=0.58 – 95%CI 0.34;0.98) and who performed physical activity (OR=0.57 – 95%CI 0.36;0.90). Higher chance of obesity: with anxiety (OR=1.97 – 95%CI 1.12;3.45), hypertension (OR=2.91 – 95%CI 1.63;5.18), and diabetes (OR=6.25 – 95%CI 2.15;18.21). Conclusion. High prevalence of overweight and obesity, need to improve the quality of life and health of workers.


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