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Health conditions and change weight of older adults in ten years of the SABE Survey




Aging, Body weight changes, Chronic disease, Nutritional status, Longitudinal studies


Objective. To analyze the relationship between health conditions and weight changes among the elderly, SABE Survey, over a period of ten years. Methods. Longitudinal study that followed (2000-baseline, 2006 and 2010) the change in body weight (outcome variable) and associated health conditions (exposure variables) in the elderly (n=571); multinomial logistic regression analyzes were employed. Results. The average weight increase in the evaluated period was 29.0%. 34.0% (2006) and 12.5% (2010) lost weight and 18.2% (2006) and 39.9% (2010) gained weight. The prevalence of chronic diseases increased from 34.1% (2000) to 51.9% (2006) and 60.1% (2010). Older people with weight gain also rated their overall health worse in 2006 (RR:3.15; 95%CI 1.21;8.17) and 2010 (RR:2.46; 95%CI 1.02;5.94). The highest number of diseases (RR:2.12; 95%CI 1.00;4.46) and hospitalizations (RR:3.50; 95%CI 1.40;8.72) were associated with a decrease in weight in 2010. Conclusion. Weight changes are related to worse health status among the elderly.


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