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Common mental disorders and associated factors among people with leprosy: cross-sectional analysis in Cuiabá, Brazil, 2018




Mental Disorders, Leprosy, Cross-Sectional Studies, Epidemiology


Objective. To analyze the occurrence and factors associated with common mental disorders (CMD) in people with leprosy with complications in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, in 2018. Methods. Cross-sectional study with people enrolled at Júlio Müller University Hospital. CMD evaluated by the Self-Report-Questionnaire (SRQ-20). Poisson regression analysis was performed to estimate prevalence ratios (PR) with 95% confidence intervals (95%CI). Results. Among 206 people with leprosy, the frequency of CMD was 70.4% (95%CI 61.10;76.67) associated female sex (PR=1.29 – 95%CI 1.09;1.53), age ranges 26-45 (PR=1.52 – 95%CI 1.09;2.11) and 46-60 (PR=1,52 – 95%CI 1.09;2.11), low income (PR=1.25 – 95%CI 1.05;1.49), and unsatisfactory quality of life for physical (PR=3.03 – 95%CI 1.12;8.19) and psychological (PR=1.91; 95%CI 1.40;2.61) domains. Conclusion. CMD in people with leprosy were often and associated with female sex, productive age group, low income and unsatisfactory quality of life. Actions aimed at mental health in this population group are necessary.


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