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The National School Feeding Program as a guarantee of the right to food in the COVID-19 pandemic period




School Feeding, Nutrition Programs and Policies, Food and Nutrition Security, Pandemics, Coronavirus Infections


Introduction: A fundamental measure of social isolation adopted by international health authorities to contain the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic has consequences in the economic and social field. Among them, there is an increase or increase in poverty and hunger, compromising the guarantee of food and nutritional security. Other programs exist on the public agenda as a way to mitigate the consequences of hunger, except the National School Meals Program. Objective: This research work problematizes, through theoretical and critical reflections, a contribution from the National School Feeding Program with guaranteed food and nutritional security for Brazilian students in the pandemic period of COVID-19. Result: A theoretical debate on the right in question was presented, highlighting an analysis of school feeding as a potential for maintaining the food security of the thousands of beneficiary students. In the context of the pandemic, the school feeding program presents changes in its legislation in response as adaptations in its operational form. Conclusion: Reinforce the importance of organized civil society in defense of public food security policies, especially in the support and sustainability of the school feeding program, as well as in the role of the State as a protagonist in the fight against hunger and in the reduction of poverty in the country, assuming strengthening existing social policies.


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Author Biographies

Daniela Bicalho, Universidade de São Paulo

A DB conceituou, projetou, coletou informações e dados, forneceu uma descrição do cenário e elaborou o estudo.

Tácio de Mendonça Lima, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janiero

O TML coletou informações e dados, elaborou o estudo e revisou o artigo. Todos os autores aprovaram a versão final do manuscrito.



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Bicalho, D., & Lima, T. M. (2020). The National School Feeding Program as a guarantee of the right to food in the COVID-19 pandemic period. In SciELO Preprints.


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