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Perceived relaxation and its role as a protective factor against phobic anxiety during the course of preventive and compulsory social isolation due to COVID-19 in population of Mendoza.




Universidad de Congreso, Facultad de ciencias de la Salud


A crisis situation arises when an unprecedented event breaks into our reality, and the ways of coping that were used to solve similar problems are insufficient. This study is situated within the framework of "social, preventive and compulsory isolation", imposed by decree in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, declared by the WHO. It was found that the perceived relaxation would have an incidence in favor of the reduction of phobic anxiety when comparing groups that perceive or not relaxation during the preventive and compulsory social isolation by COVID-19 in Greater Mendoza, thus behaving as a possible protective factor. Currently, very little is known about the psychological consequences that this type of measures, or this context, could produce, for which reason it is pertinent to analyze the factors that could be determining factors in the mental health and well-being of the population of Greater Mendoza.


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