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Opinion of school adolescent smokers about smoking cessation counselling and treatment in health services: cross-sectional study, State of Goiás, Brazil, 2018




Adolescent, Smoking, Smoking Cessation, Smoking Prevention, Cross-sectional Study


Objective: To know the opinion of school adolescent smokers about counseling and treatment for smoking cessation, and investigate whether negative opinion was associated with lack of motivation to stop smoking. Methods: Cross-sectional study carried out in Goiás, Brazil, with an intentional sample of school adolescents, in 2018. Poisson Regression was used. Results: Participants were 130, most of them expressed a positive opinion on the three smoking cessation interventions surveyed: medical (76.2%) and dental counseling (70.0%), and smoking cessation treatment (66.2%). Negative opinions were more frequent among adolescents who were not motivated to stop smoking (p<0.05). Regression analyzes revealed that lack of motivation to quit was associated with a negative opinion about each intervention. Conclusion: The adolescents had a positive opinion about counseling and treatment for smoking cessation in health services. Negative opinion was associated with a lack of motivation to quit the habit.


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