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Cardiovascular Statistics – Brazil 2023




Cardiovascular Diseases, cerebrovascular disorders, Coronary heart disease, Cardiomyopathies, Heart Failure, atrial fibrillation, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Tobacco Use Disorder, Obesity, Overweight, Exercise, Statistics, Brazil


The publication Cardiovascular Statistics – Brazil aims to provide an annual compilation of data and research on the epidemiology of CVDs in Brazil.  The report integrates official statistics from the Brazilian Ministry of Health and other governmental entities alongside data from the GBD project, coordinated by the IHME at the University of Washington. Additionally, it incorporates data derived from various sources and scientific studies, including cohorts and registries, that relate to CVDs and their associated risk factors. This publication is intended for a wide range of individuals, including researchers, clinicians, patients, healthcare policymakers, media professionals, the general public, and other interested parties seeking extensive national data about heart disease and stroke.  Volunteer researchers from various Brazilian universities and research institutions carry out the project. The group is led by a five-member steering committee (ALPR, CAP, DCM, GMMO, and LCCB). The Brazilian Society of Cardiology fully supports this initiative, and the project receives collaborative support from the GBD Brazil Network and an International Committee (GAR, PP, and TAG) from both the IHME/University of Washington (GAR) and the World Heart Federation (PP and TAG). 


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Oliveira, G. M. M. de, Brant, L. C. C., Polanczyk, C. A., Malta, D. C., Biolo, A., Nascimento, B. R., Souza, M. de F. M. de, Lorenzo, A. R. D., Fagundes Júnior, A. A. de P., Schaan, B. D., Silva, C. G. de S. e, Castilho, F. M. de, Cesena, F. H. Y., Soares, G. P., Xavier Junior, G. F., Barreto-Filho, J. A. S., Passaglia, L. G., Pinto-Filho, M. M., Machline-Carrion, M. J., Bittencourt, M. S., Pontes Neto, O. M., Villela, P. B., Teixeira, R. A., Stein, R., Sampaio, R. O., Gaziano, T. A., Perel, P., Roth, G. A., & Ribeiro, A. L. P. (2023). Cardiovascular Statistics – Brazil 2023. In SciELO Preprints.


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