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Addressing the Publication Gap in the Tropical Andes: Unveiling Challenges and Implementing Solutions




Academia, Ecology, Biodiversity, Conservation, Latin America, Scientometrics, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Scientific Production


Biodiversity and conservation research play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and addressing global challenges. Yet, a striking gap in the publication of research between the Tropical Andes and other regions. To address this disparity, a comprehensive strategy was employed, encompassing a three-day workshop aimed at addressing research publication challenges in the Tropical Andes region, as well as a sequence of surveys. The registration survey, distributed to over 500 potential participants, examined the demographics, perceptions of factors impacting lower publication rates, personal barriers to publishing, and proposed strategies for overcoming these obstacles. Additionally, a pre-workshop survey delved into selected participants’ specific interests, obstacles they aimed to overcome, and their preferences for workshop content. Subsequently, the post-workshop survey assessed the workshop's impact, participant satisfaction, valuable session topics, and recommendations for future workshops. The survey revealed a range of challenges, including limited training in publishing, cultural factors, language barriers, restricted resources, and financial limitations, all contributing to the publication gap. Surprisingly, workshop interest was primarily from experienced professionals, indicating that the challenge isn't due to a lack of skills but rather the struggle to convert their expertise into published work. Moreover, about two-thirds of participants had ready-to-publish materials, showcasing an untapped knowledge reservoir. A major personal barrier identified was understanding the publication process, surpassing even language concerns, highlighting the need to clarify this process. Other findings underscored the pivotal role of self-confidence, with self-doubt, fears of rejection, and confidence issues acting as main personal limitations. The study highlights the importance of addressing challenges faced by experienced professionals in the Tropical Andes by understanding individual needs, fostering support, and demystifying the publication process. This offers a promising path to close the publication gap while preserving the region's rich biodiversity and valuable scientific contributions.


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Valdez, J., Vergara, L. C., Orihuela, G., & Fernandez, M. (2023). Addressing the Publication Gap in the Tropical Andes: Unveiling Challenges and Implementing Solutions. In SciELO Preprints.


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