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Thermal Barrier Effect of Bamboos




Thermal barrier, bamboos, temperature, relative humidity, thermal comfort, thermal environment network, ambient temperature, extreme heat, cooling measures, data measurement points


This article it documents the research on the use of a thermal barrier in the back part of a room, made up of a series of bamboo stacked from the base of the floor with a measure of 12 m high and 5 m wide.

The purpose of this plantation is to achieve a protective barrier with respect to the heat generated and that presents extreme heat, especially during the afternoons, and the objective of this investigation is to compare the results of the measurements of the thermal barrier with respect to a room that does not have this differential element, and with this comparison analyze the effectiveness of this proposal.

To obtain the data and carry out its subsequent analysis, the Fluke brand temperature and humidity meter is used. In addition, the temperature values are obtained at the rear door of the room, to recommend some type of insulating material to be placed on the doors, all with the aim of improving the thermal comfort conditions within the room under study and that it uses the protective thermal barrier.


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Monroy, Wil, 2023, "Efecto Barrera Térmica de Bambúes",, SciELO Data, V2