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Passifloraceae s.s. from the São Luís Island, Maranhão State, Brazil




floristics, passion fruit, new records, Passiflora, taxonomy


The São Luís Island, Maranhão State, is an ecotonal region, a mix of humid forest, cocais forest, dune vegetation, restingas and mangroves. Unlike the interior of the State, their coastal areas have a gap in knowledge of the Passifloraceae. Here, through field expeditions and herbaria visit, we provide taxonomic treatment, identification key and comments on the Passifloraceae of the São Luís Island. Ten species were recorded: Passiflora auriculata Kunth, P. edulis Sims, P. foetida L., P. glandulosa Cav., P. laurifolia L., P. misera Kunth, P. nitida Kunth, P. picturata Ker Gawl., P. subrotunda Mast., and P. vespertilio L. Passiflora picturata and P. misera were recorded for the first time on São Luís Island.


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Garcia, A. L., Silva, E. O., Ferreira, A. W. C., & Marinho, L. C. (2023). Passifloraceae s.s. from the São Luís Island, Maranhão State, Brazil. In SciELO Preprints.


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