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Elements of messianism in Jair Bolsonaro’s speeches




messianism, Jair Bolsonaro, discourse, semiotics


The aim of this paper is to identify elements of messianism in Jair Bolsonaro’s discourse, using discursive semiotics. To this end, it analyzes three speeches made by Bolsonaro. The first speech was delivered after the confirmation of his victory at the polls, the second during the inauguration ceremony at the National Congress, and the third after Bolsonaro received the presidential sash at Palácio do Planalto (seat of the Federal Government). In these speeches, Bolsonaro reinforces the values of the group to which he belongs, presenting ideas such as fighting corruption, preserving customs, rejecting sexual minorities, and appealing to religious and nationalist identities. Results show that such ideas are reaffirmed in an electoral victory with a strong messianic bias.


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Brito, C. L. de, & Lara, G. M. P. (2023). Elements of messianism in Jair Bolsonaro’s speeches. In SciELO Preprints.


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