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Radical openness and free knowledge. Repository of open access Mexican academic journals through Wikidata




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This article is based on the presentation ‘Conectar las investigaciones en humanidades, ciencias sociales de México con recursos abiertos de Wikimedia: Wikidata y Wikipedia’, presented at the Primer Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencia Abierta (November 2022). The possibility of generating an open and free repository of academic magazines in open access, using wikidata, wikipedia and Zotero. The project starts with Mexican Social Sciences and Humanities journals. To achieve this, some open indexes and datasets have been taken as foundation: DOAJ, Latindex, Dialnet and Latinrev. While there are open datasets for journals, from Wikimedia projects, particularly, the creation of a radical opening database is proposed, based on the principle of free knowledge and the participation of any person in the construction of Open science.

Placing academic journals and articles on Wikipedia also allows analysis and cross-referencing of information that can be complex in other repositories. In the case of this article, part of these results are shown based on the analysis of the publishers, the main topics and the licenses used by Mexican academic journals in the social sciences and humanities, which to date have been updated on Wikidata.

Another aspect of the study is that it is proposed that this open database for academic publications also allows indexing articles, authors, as well as other topics derived from the articles, and also use these articles as sources or references for Wikipedia articles, as will be shown later.


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Azcarraga, L. A. (2023). Radical openness and free knowledge. Repository of open access Mexican academic journals through Wikidata. In SciELO Preprints.


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Alvarez Azcarraga, Luis, 2023, "Apertura radical y conocimiento libre",, SciELO Data, V1