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Open Infrastructures in action: DataCite and ORCID




Open research infrastructure, persistent identifiers, interoperability, ORCID, DataCite


Openness, reliability, identifiability and interoperability of scientific information are increasingly relevant aspects for the scientific community and open research infrastructure. Within open research infrastructure, one of the pillars of Open Science, persistent identifiers are established as a main building block, enabling interoperability between entities such as authors, outputs and institutions. To consolidate and maintain best practices around them, DataCite and ORCID have worked together since their early days and have fostered the development of communities of practice in the adoption of open persistent identifiers. This text frames identifiers within the framework of Open Science and the FAIRification of scientific information. It also presents the joint trajectory of DataCite and ORCID and the concept of communities of practice applied to open persistent identifiers. Finally, it explores the work developed in Ibero-America and possible future scenarios.


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Cardoso, A. P., Mejias, G., Marín-Arraiza, P., & Gomes Ferreira, V. (2023). Open Infrastructures in action: DataCite and ORCID. In SciELO Preprints.


Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencia Abierta


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