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Model of population densification in consolidated collective housing in the urban fabric from Juliaca city




Spatial analysis, Housing, Block, Urban fabric


The analysis of the peripheries reveals the existence of important problems of residential precariousness and exclusion for a high-density collective housing project. The purpose is to model the population density in consolidated collective housing in the urban fabric of the city of Juliaca. Size and density are fundamental characteristics that define any city, but they have not always received the same attention. Although density figures prominently in any urban planning manual as a key variable governing the urban environment, city size is often treated as an immeasurable factor beyond the control of planning. However, it is unclear whether these two variables can be analyzed independently, as the correlation between the two is significant. To assess how scale and density interact, a new approach was adopted to new forms of modern urbanization. The results obtained from a sample of 96 blocks allow the classification of the two districts in terms of aggregation, which will be used to determine the location of the high-density residential project by analyzing one side of the site according to the calculated proportion. of housing. the combined urban development is located in the South, so the residential district will be located on the North side, as it is less consolidated and characterized by one, two, and three-story buildings according to the kernel density analysis.


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Author Biography

Grover Marin Mamani, Universidad Nacional del Altiplano

Researcher CONCYTEC P0027877
Research Professor at the National University of Altiplano, Peru.
Professor of the Professional School of Architecture and Urbanism, Puno.
Doctor in Science, Technology and Environment
Master in Rural Development, mention in Territorial Planning and Environment.



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Mamani, G. M., Pérez, F. C., Mamani, V. E., Suaquita, J. R. H., Ochoa, K. L. C., & Condori, G. M. A. (2023). Model of population densification in consolidated collective housing in the urban fabric from Juliaca city. In SciELO Preprints.


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