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Parental supervision and sexual behavior among Brazilian adolescentes




Unsafe Sex, Family Planning, Adolescent, Parent-Child Relations, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender Inequality


Objective: to evaluate the association between parental supervision and sexual behaviors among Brazilian adolescents. Methods: Cross-sectional study with data from 102,072 adolescents who responded to the National Adolescent Health Survey. We estimated the prevalence of sexual behaviors (initiation, use of condoms, contraception, and number of partners). Parental supervision was evaluated using a score           considering five indicators. We calculated prevalence ratios (PR) adjusted by age and sex in order to estimate the association between the parental supervision score and the sexual behaviors of the adolescents.  Results: Prevalence of risky sexual behavior for adolescents with minimum and maximum parental supervision were: sexual initiation (min.: 58.0%; max.: 20.1%), condom use in the last sexual intercourse (min.: 50.9%; max.: 80.2%), use of contraceptives (min.: 40.8; max.: 49.1%), and mean number of partners (min.: 3.25; max.: 2.88). Parental supervision was greater among girls. Those with greater supervision score had higher prevalence of condom use in the first and last sexual intercourse, use of contraceptive methods and a lower mean number of partners, even after adjustments for sex and age. Conclusion: The greater parental supervision, the better the sexual behavior for both sexes, although supervision seems to occur differently between girls and boys. These findings point to the role of the family in providing adolescents with monitoring, along with dialogue and affection, conditions that encourage healthy and risk-free sexual behavior.


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Reis, G. B., Sousa, M. A. de, Andrade, G. N. de, Malta, D. C., Machado, Ísis E., & Felisbino-Mendes, M. S. (2022). Parental supervision and sexual behavior among Brazilian adolescentes. In SciELO Preprints.


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