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Offer and occupation of residency vacancies in family and community medicine in Brazil, 2020




Brazil, Internship and Residency, Family Practice, Organizations, Unified Health System


Introduction: Idle positions are a growing problem, undermining the effectiveness of the expansion of the residency in family and community medicine in Brazil. It is not known to what extent the idle vacancies are being effectively offered by residency programs.

Objective: To describe the offer and occupancy of positions in family and community medicine residency programs in Brazil, in order to estimate to what extent the non-offering of positions explains their idleness.

Methods: We obtained from the Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine (SBMFC) data from a survey of residency programs in 2020, including the number of first-year (R1) positions offered and occupied. We then asked program supervisors the number of R1 vacancies authorized for the same year, and consulted publicly available government data. We described the offer and occupancy of residency slots as a function of the location of the headquarters, the legal nature of the proposing institutions, and the supplementation of the residents' stipend.

Results: Of the 72 programs that responded to the SBMFC survey, 28 informed us the number of authorized positions. The latter totaled 506 authorized positions, of which 417 (82%) had been offered. The 72 programs had offered a total of 948 positions, 651 of which (69%) had been filled. Among the vacant places (authorized but not occupied), 42% had not been offered by the respective programs. The latter percentage was higher in the Southern region; in programs headquartered in municipalities with smaller populations; in state (or district) or private proponent institutions; and in programs without supplementation of the residency stipend.

Conclusion: To better elucidate the reasons for the vacancy of residency slots in family and community medicine, future research should consider the offer and occupancy of vacancies separately. Likewise, policies for training professionals for the Unified Health System could benefit from monitoring the effective supply of authorized positions.


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