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Integration of Tools for the Evaluation of Indicators of Scientific Publications




editorial management, interoperability, open science, science indicators, scientific journals


There are more and more technological tools that emerge every day to help in the management of the editorial processes carried out by a scientific journal, from the submission of a paper to its publication and follow-up of citations. However, given this increase in options, it becomes more complex for managers to properly monitor and validate the processes, since the information is more dispersed and on several occasions they lack interoperability between them. In the present work, an architecture for the integration of the different minimum tools necessary for the editorial flow is proposed, making an analytical and technical comparison, which allows obtaining the best integration of these, which allows simplifying in a single platform the entire required information. As a result, a first prototype of the platform is presented applying the defined architecture, obtaining favorable results for the monitoring and validation of the works and indicators of the journals.


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González-Sanabria, J.-S., Verdú-Pérez, E., Blanco-Valencia, X.-P., Herrera-Melo, C.-A., & Serna-Vargas, J.-C. (2022). Integration of Tools for the Evaluation of Indicators of Scientific Publications. In SciELO Preprints.


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