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Occupational Therapy/Trends, COVID-19, Pandemics, Social Vulnerability, Social Occupational Therapy


Social occupational therapy has been located throughout history as a field that is built mainly on the emergence of questioning themes related to the social contradictions and injustices of capitalist society. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chasms crated by these contradictions have become increasingly evident, nationally and globally, in view of the existing structural inequality. The population in social vulnerability is the most impacted by its effects, given the absence and/or insufficiency of resources, prevention strategies and/or treatment of the disease in their everyday lives, associated with the difficulties of execute social isolation, maintaining employment and income, as well as less access to health and basic sanitation. In view of this, it is emphasized the importance of the contributions of occupational social therapy, within the scope of research and/or intervention, based on thinking/doing that embraces the wants and needs of individuals and groups, which problematizes the impacts of structural inequalities in everyday life, what strengthens life-affirming movements, autonomy, citizenship and rights. Finally, promoting strategies for equality and recognition, in the democratization of the possibilities of continuing life in the pandemic and beyond.

Author Biographies

Magno Nunes Farias, Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar

Mestre em Educação, Doutorando em Educação pela Universidade Federal de São Carlos – UFSCar, Bolsista Capes (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior). Integra o Grupo de Pesquisa “Cidadania, Ação Social, Educação e Terapia Ocupacional” do Laboratório METUIA da UFSCar.

Jaime Daniel Leite Junior, Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar

Doutorando em Terapia Ocupacional pela Universidade Federal – UFSCar, Bolsista FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo). Integra o Grupo de Pesquisa “Cidadania, Ação Social, Educação e Terapia Ocupacional” do Laboratório METUIA da UFSCar.




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