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Online Psychological Assessment: Considerations from coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic for remote practice and teaching




Psychological practice, Information Technology, Teaching, Pandemics


With the restrictions imposed by the social distancing resulting from the new coronavirus pandemic, psychologists deal with a new reality of work that privileges remote activities. Teaching and practice in psychological assessment were some of the affected areas, requiring psychologists, professional councils and scientific societies to discuss guidelines for the pandemic context. Although there is an increase in distance learning courses, restrictions are indicated for teaching psychological assessment techniques in the on-line environment. Given the changes in the work scenario and the need of adaptation to the context, this study intends to discuss the viability of on-line psychological assessment processes and point out guidelines for their improvement. It also seeks to present possibilities for distance education and supervision. Scientific tests and national and international regulations that support these practices are discussed. The need to develop technologies that will allow the process to be conducted in an ethical and safe manner is reinforced.


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