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Terminality, Death and Grief in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Emerging Psychological Demands and Practical Implications




Hospice care, Death, Bereavement, Coronavirus infections, Pandemics


The disease caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has been considered a serious crisis from an epidemiological and also a psychological point of view. In addition to the mass losses in a short period of time, the difficulties in performing farewell rituals between people on the verge of death and their families, as well as funerary rituals, can hinder the experience of mourning. The aim of this study is to systematize knowledge about the processes of terminality, death and grief in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through narrative literature review, experiences reported in different countries during the pandemic were summarized. Characteristics of emerging psychological demands and implications for the psychologist's professional practice are presented. Considering that expressions of affection, condolences and spirituality undergo change in this scenario, the importance of enhancing alternative and respectful ways to ritualize the processes experienced is discussed, which seems essential to reframe losses and face challenges during and after the pandemic.


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Human Sciences