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Chat with Arika Okrent




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Arika Okrent is a linguist, author of several articles in Mental Floss magazine, as well as several videos on her Youtube channel and author of two Linguistics Communication books: “In the land of invented languages” ​​(2009) and “Highly irregular” (2021). She was interviewed for the event Abralin em Cena 16, centered on Linguistics popularization. An edited version of the interview given by Arika Okrent is published on Abralin's Youtube channel. As with every published interview, what follows is not a transcript: conversational marks anchored in face-to-face conversation have been eliminated and all the content has been translated from English into Portuguese. In the interview, Arika Okrent talks about her experience in popularizing Linguistics and what she considers essential for efficient communication with the lay public: taking linguistic questions that interest the public, investigating them driven by curiosity and sharing this journey with the audience.


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