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Getting to know before incorporating: a picture of milk allergy programmes implemented in Brazil




Unified Health System, Program Evaluation, Continuity of Patient Care, Milk Hypersensitivity, Health Manager


The objective of this article is to characterize the assistance offered to children with milk allergies in public programs and the challenges faced in its implementation, in the context of the pre-incorporation in the Unified Health System of three infant formulas for milk allergy. Exploratory, cross-sectional study and quantitative approach. Twenty-one programs and/or services were evaluated (15 municipal and 6 states) from all Brazilian regions. The main driver of the creation of these programs was judicialization (80.9%) and the provision of these special formulas was carried out to children up to 2 years of age. Among the main difficulties in creating and executing these programs, the lack of human and financial resources was the most common reason, representing 71.4% and 61.9%, respectively. The most adopted strategy to reduce costs was the adequacy of norms and protocols (61.9%). There was no significant difference between state and municipal programs. This study presents an unprecedented and detailed evaluation of the programs, bringing discussions that support decision-making, rational use of public resources, better care for children and strengthening of the national health system.

Key words: Unified Health System. Program Evaluation. Continuity of Patient Care. Milk Hypersensitivity. Health Manager.


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Maria Sueli Soares Felipe, University of Brasília




09/06/2022 — Updated on 11/15/2022


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Correia, C. V. de S. R., & Felipe, M. S. S. (2022). Getting to know before incorporating: a picture of milk allergy programmes implemented in Brazil. In SciELO Preprints. (Original work published 2022)


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