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Phalloid and floweroid funga (Phallales, Basidiomycota) in Bahia State, Brazil




Clathraceae, Gasteroids, Brazilian Northeast, Phallaceae


The order Phallales harbors gasteroid fungi known as stinkhorns, false-truffles, witches’cages and bridal veils, and is mainly characterized by the fetid smelling basidiome, insect-associated dispersal mechanism, and mucilaginous gleba. The order has been well studied in Brazil, with greater occurrence in the southern and northeastern regions of the country. The state of  Bahia has only records of the species Abrachium floriforme and Lysurus sphaerocephalum. The objective of this study is to present new occurrences of Phallales for the State.  The species were collected in the Bahia State, in the municipalities of Elísio Medrado, Mucugê, Salvador and Uruçuca. One herborized specimen from Lençóis was included in the analyses. Seven species were identified: Abrachium floriforme, Itajahya galericulata, Mutinus caninus, M. elegans, M. verrucosus, Phallus denigricans and P. merulinus. All represent new occurrences for the State of Bahia, except A. floriforme. Descriptions, identification key, notes and photos of the species are provided.


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Ribeiro, M. S., Cabral, T. S., Melanda, G. C. S., Baseia, I. G., & Silva, B. D. B. da. (2022). Phalloid and floweroid funga (Phallales, Basidiomycota) in Bahia State, Brazil. In SciELO Preprints.


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