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Flora of Paraíba State, Brazil: Capparaceae




Brassicales, Caatinga, Atlantic Forest, taxonomy


This work encompasses the taxonomic study of Capparaceae Juss. for Paraíba State, Brazilian Northeastern. Field works collections were carried out monthly between January and December/2018 to cover the main mesorregions of the State. Exsiccate of the other Herbaria of Paraíba and the Virtual Herbarium of Flora and Fungi (Reflora), the platform of SpeciesLink, and North American herbaria (MO and NY) also were analyzed. The identifications were based on specialized literature to the family. In the study area, four genera and five species were recorded: Capparidastrum frondosum, Crateva tapia, Cynophalla flexuosa, C. hastata and Neocalyptrocalyx longifolium. The treatment includes a key to the species identification, taxonomic descriptions, comments on taxonomic affinities based on morphological characteristics, distribution data, flowering, and fruiting, as well as images and figures in Chinese ink containing the main diagnostic characters of the species found.


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Silva, E. de S., Sousa, V. F. de, Cornejo, X., & Melo, J. I. M. de. (2022). Flora of Paraíba State, Brazil: Capparaceae. In SciELO Preprints.


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