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A new milk-clotting enzyme from noni seeds (Morinda citrifolia L)




milk clotting, proteolytic activity, protease, seeds


They are found in all living organisms and in plants has received more attention because of their potential involvement in various industrial processes. Noni plant (Morinda citrifolia L.), belongs to the family Rubiaceae, of southwestern Asia origin. The juice made with the fruit is widely used as phytotherapic agent and in combating a range of diseases, while seeds are usually discarded. The objective of this work was to seek active milk clotting proteases in noni seeds. The crude extract (CE) protein was obtained from seeds sprayed and mixed with tris-HCl 50mM buffer (pH 6.0). The results demonstrated the presence of proteases with milk clotting properties in noni seeds, which a high milk clotting activity from 3,891 U/mL to 65°C.  This value indicates that 1mL of extract is able to coagulate 3.8 liters of milk in 40 minutes under specific conditions. This property indicates the potential of noni seeds as a natural source of proteolytic enzymes with biotechnological potential for application in the cheese making industry.


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Oliveira, J. D. de, & Siqueira Junior, C. L. (2022). A new milk-clotting enzyme from noni seeds (Morinda citrifolia L). In SciELO Preprints.


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