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Use of platelet concentrates in Oral Implantology, a narrative review.




Dental implants, fibrin-rich plasma, single-tooth dental implants


The use of regenerative modalities in dentistry has become widespread in recent years, specifically in implantology, this area currently being the best treatment option to replace missing teeth. For the success of the implantation, a healthy alveolus is needed, with osseointegration being essential in this process. This stage is favored by alternatives such as platelet concentrates, specifically Plasma rich in Fibrin. Collect and analyze information about platelet concentrates, specifically PRF, its benefits when applying it in the installation of immediate dental implants. Know its advantages compared to other concentrates and explore some improvements that have been worked on around this topic. A medline search was performed through Pubmed using the formula with MeSh terms ("Dental Implants"[Mesh]) AND "Platelet-Rich Fibrin"[Mesh]. 47 results were found, of which 38 were excluded by reading the title and abstract. The rest were read in full text, including all of them. In addition, a search with free terms was carried out to find literature about epidemiological data of the Chilean population, including 1 more study.


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González, W. R., & Novoa, C. M. (2022). Use of platelet concentrates in Oral Implantology, a narrative review. In SciELO Preprints.


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