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Synopsis of the genus Brachymenium Schwägr. (Bryaceae) in Brazil




acrocarpic mosses, Bryales, Bryophytes, mosses


Synopsis of the genus Brachymenium Schwägr. (Bryaceae) in Brazil). Bryaceae is a moss family with ten genera and 660 species worldwide. There are 54 species in four genera in Brazil. Brachymenium is the second largest genus and is characterized by the corticolous habit, erect capsules and rudimentar endostome. A revision of the genus is necessary due to the difficulty in identifying the taxa and to the poorly sampled Brazilian plants in literature. The aim of this work was to perform a taxonomic treatment of Brachymenium in Brazil, comprising diagnostic descriptions and illustrations, comments, maps and a key. Were analyzed 300 exsiccatae of Brachymenium from national and international herbaria and were recognized nine species. Five taxa were excluded from Brazil. Four species are endemic of Brazil: Brachymenium elimbatum, B. hornschuchianum, B. regnellii and B. sublinearis; another four are Neotropical: B. consimile, B. klotzschii, B. morasicum and B. radiculosum, and only one is Pantropical: B. acuminatum.


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Canestraro, B. K., & Peralta, D. F. (2022). Synopsis of the genus Brachymenium Schwägr. (Bryaceae) in Brazil. In SciELO Preprints.


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