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American triatomine species occurrences: updates and novelties in the DataTri database




Chagas disease, Triatomines, geographic distribution, Disease Vectors, Epidemiology


The causative agent of Chagas disease (Trypanosoma cruzi) is transmitted to mammals - including humans - mainly by insect vectors of the subfamily Triatominae (Hemiptera: Reduviidae). Currently, the subfamily includes 157 valid species (154 extant and three extinct), grouped into 18 genera and five tribes. We present the description of a subdataset (7852 records) of American triatomine occurrences, as an update to the most complete and integrated database available up to date at a continental scale. The new georeferenced records were obtained from a systematic review of published literature and data provided by colleagues. New data correspond to 101 species and 14 genera from 22 American countries in the time interval between 1935 and 2022. The most important novelties refer to: i) the inclusion of new species, ii) synonymies and formal transferals of species, and iii) temporal and geographical species records updates. We encourage the use of this information especially as a contribution to the entomological surveillance implicated in Chagas disease.


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Ceccarelli, S., Balsalobre, A., Vicente, M. E., Curtis-Robles, R., Hamer, S. A., Landa, J. M. A., Rabinovich, J. E., & Marti, G. A. (2022). American triatomine species occurrences: updates and novelties in the DataTri database. In SciELO Preprints.


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