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Mortality trend and analysis of potencial years of life lost due to leukemia and lymphoma in Brazil and Mato Grosso




Leukemia, Lymphoma, Trends, Potential Years of Life Lost


Objective: To estimate the mortality trend and analyze the potential years of life lost (PYLL) due to leukemias and lymphomas in Brazil and Mato Grosso, from 2001 to 2019. Methods: Time-series study of deaths from leukemias and lymphomas obtained from the Mortality Information System. Trends were calculated by age group by the Joinpoint regression method, using calendar year as regressor variable, and estimated annual percentage change (APC) and mean annual percentage change, considering 95% confidence intervals. APVP rates were collected from the Cancer Mortality Altas. Results: In Brazil, the mortality rate trend showed stability for both diseases, leukemias (APC=0.2; 95%CI-0.0;0.3) and lymphomas (APC=0.2; 95%CI-0.4;0.1). In the state, the rate for leukemias also showed stability (APC=0.3; 95%CI-1.0;1.6). For lymphomas, the trend was upward (APC=2.3; 95%CI0.5;4.2), however, decreasing trend was observed among those younger than 59 years. For leukemias, the APVP rates were 64 and 65/100,000 in Brazil and Mato Grosso, respectively. For lymphomas, these rates were 27 and 22/100,000, respectively, with the highest rates found in males. Conclusion: The mortality rates from leukemia and lymphoma in Mato Grosso show a behavior different from that observed nationally, with an increasing trend for lymphomas and no differences between age groups for both diseases. The APVP rates for leukemias were similar, however, for lymphomas, it was higher among men and lower for the state when compared to Brazil.


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Soares, M. R. ., Melanda, F. N. ., Lima Neto, G. S. de ., Takagi, V. M. ., Anjos, A. A. S. dos ., Cunha, L. A. D. da ., Silva, G. P. da ., Santos, B. C. dos ., Souza, P. C. F. de ., & Corrêa, M. L. M. . (2022). Mortality trend and analysis of potencial years of life lost due to leukemia and lymphoma in Brazil and Mato Grosso. In SciELO Preprints.


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