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Melastomataceae in the Bocaina and Carrancas Mountain Range Complex, Minas Gerais State, Brazil: inventory and floristic comparison




campo das vertentes, Cerrado, Mata Atlântica, similarity analysis


The Bocaina and Carrancas Mountain Range Complex (CSBC) is formed by 12 mountains located in the southwest of Minas Gerais State with an expressive floristic diversity. The aim of the present study was to inventory the species of Melastomataceae in the CSBC and to analyze the floristic similarity with 24 other areas of the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest biomes. The inventory at CSBC registered 74 species of Melastomataceae, distributed in Miconia (33 spp.), Microlicia (12 spp.), Pleroma (11 spp.), Chaetogastra (five spp.), Cambessedesia, Fritzschia, Leandra, Pterolepis, and Rhynchanthera (two spp. each), and Acisanthera, Macairea, Marcetia, Siphanthera (a single sp. each). The cluster analysis showed the formation of two groups: CSBC, Serra da Canastra and Serra de São José, related to Arco Canastra, in Minas Gerais State; and Catolés, Rio de Contas and Pico das Almas, in Bahia State, possibly explained by its location in the province of Chapada Diamantina.


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Biological Sciences